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Friday, 19 May 2017

What is Graphic Design | Graphic Design art an Introduction

Introduction of Graphic Designs

Graphic Design is the way that conveys specific message to targeted audience via Visuals. And in order to communicate your unique message as well as your unique identity Graphic designing Service Provider plays a promising role. In addition, Graphic designing works is the company which has already proven it to be a “one stop shop” for all of your design, drafting and document creation services.
Everyone who has  online business and have a website now exploring the benefits of using graphic design elements in his website for the purpose of making it more attractive and useful so that he may attract more visitors to the site and in result gain more and more return on investment in least time span. This is the main reason why Graphics designers are being added to nearly every website. Basic purpose for developing the Web & Graphics Designing Manual is to fulfill the Market needs and Achieving the Target of Maximum Placements of Trainees in the field.

Operating System with GUI (graphical user interface)

In older computers, an operating system called Disk Operating System or Dos was used. It had some limitations. You needed to remember lots of commands to work in DOS. If you forgot any command, you may have to leave your work unfinished. So it was difficult to work on computers.
GUI stands for Graphical User Interface,there are different type of Operating system available with Graphical User Interface.GUI operating system are very easy to use and are user-friendly.Any one can use GUI OS without any knowledge of commands or coding.User just need to hold the mouse and control the whole operating system with fingers.

Some of the popular GUI Operating Systems are:
  • Windows operating system
  • Linux operating system
  • Unix  operating system
  • Mac  operating system
  • Android  operating system

Android is also a graphical user interface operating system.It is mostly used in Mobile devices or Tablets.Now a day Android is also used in laptop computers called Android Laptops.


 Windows Operating System

Windows operating system is a user-friendly operating system. It is simple and easy to use. You do not need to remember the commands. You can communicate with the computer using simple graphical pictures and menus. So, windows operating system is said to have a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Windows is a family of GUI operating systems developed by Microsoft Corporation for personal computers.
Why windows operating system called Windows ?
 The name windows comes from the basic function of the operating system, it lets you look into your computer, just like looking through a window.

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